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Lil's Karate Program Ages 3-6

Preparing your kids for life.

What happens in our Little Ninjas classes. The kids laugh... they giggle... and most importantly they learn.

What's our secret? How do we get these kids to develop coordination, concentration, and self-control? It's a little something we like to call "edutainment."

Keep it fun... keep it entertaining... and always keep it educational. And, that's "edutainment" kids.

Your Kids Will Achieve More than Just Learning to Kick.
It's true that in our Little Ninjas program your kids will learn the techniques of a traditional martial art. And, this program is guaranteed to keep your kids physically fit. But, the best thing of all is that our Little Ninjas curriculum will help your kids to see the value of teamwork... good manners... and achievement outside of the classroom.
Sounds great, but how?
Our Little Ninjas program focuses on nine (8) key life skills...
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Self-Control
  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Coordination
This not only helps your child to see the benefit in trying their best, but understand the idea of setting a goal and achieving it.

PLUS, Your Family Values are Reinforced!
Many of the same concepts you teach at home are reinforced in our Little Ninjas program through group discussions. We cover such topics as: good manners (such as keeping your hands and feet to yourself)... respect for oneself and others... and following directions when asked for the first time.

And, Your Kids Learn How to Stay Safe!
Valuable personal development lessons have been built into our Little Ninjas program. Kids will learn about the dangers of strangers... street safety... when to call 911 and more.

Prepare your Kids for Life.
The Little Ninjas curriculum at The Martial Arts Studio was designed with one thing in mind... helping your child to:

  • Become a better listener.
  • Gain self confidence.
  • Set and achieve goals.
  • Develop a positive attitude.

A child's ability to learn is at its peak between the ages of 4-7. Let us help you to enhance your child's mental and physical development in a fun, safe, and exciting manner. Enroll your kids today in Little Ninjas at The Martial Arts Lifestyle Center to prepare them for a successful life.


Karate Classes Ages 6 & up

These classes will invigorate your body, sharpen your mind and ignite your spirit. You will learn the classical art of Shotokan Karate inter-woven with our unique philosophy of personal development. Through this class you will improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and balance as you sharpen your intellect the improve your ability to concentrate. You will also feel an increased sense of well being and vitality as your mind is claimed and your emotions steady.

Our Traditional Karate program will help you:
  • Learn valuable techniques
  • Get into great physical shape
  • Improve your focus and concentration skills
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Meet new friends
Find out why parents and teachers love our program, by scheduling a visit today!

Krav Maga Self-Defense Classes Ages 13 & up

These classes will train you to successfully deal with virtually any type of attack or confrontation; from verbal harassment, to bullying, to life threatening attacks. Be ready for lots of target hitting, ground defenses and combat conditioning. R.E.A.L. is an acronym for Realistic, Effective, Applicable and Life-Saving. All the techniques, strategies and safety tips taught in these classes are designed to meet our criteria for self defense. REAL is a combination of diciplines; Krav Maga, Shotokan Karate & Non-Deadly Force Training.Our R.E.A.L. program will help you:

  • Learn valuable self defense techniques
  • Get into great physical shape
  • Improve your focus and concentration skills
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Meet new friends

You'll punch, kick, block, and defend yourself right into a great state of mind!


Private Lessons Ages 8 & up
Learn quickly, Advance faster, On your schedule, At your pace.
Private lessons are available for individuals or families together.  This is a great learning environment for those people wishing to have special, individualized attention from Master John, and perfect their techniques with the most detailed intricacies explained.

Private lessons also allow for students to advanced more quickly.  One private lesson session is equivalent to five group class sessions.  It's guaranteed that in a one hour sessions, one-on-one with Master John, you will not only learn more quickly in that sixty minutes, you will gain more from each group session you attend thereafter... if you choose to.  You may just prefer to privately train all the way towards your Black Belt. 


An individualized and custom program that includes daily accountability logs, along with martial arts training, healthy eating, nutrition and healthy lifestyle requirements can be made available to those looking for a serious challenge, private mentoring, and an unforgettable Black Belt experience. 

Contact Master John directly for a consultation to see if private lessons are right for you.
Call 215-551-6252
We're looking forward to meeting you!

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